NOTE: This board is now the Community Development Advisory Board

This board was comprised of seven Council appointed citizens for staggered three year terms. The board was responsible for encouraging and recommending funding for special events that benefit the City of Page, its residents and visitors; to develop and implement marketing and advertising programs on an as required basis to ensure economic vitality of the city of Page as a tourism hub; to recommend an annual proposed budget for expenditures for the next fiscal years and to further the promotion of tourism and special events in the city of Page. 

2016 Meetings

February 23, 2016  Agenda

February 16, 2016  Special Agenda

 January 26, 2016  Agenda   Agenda Addendum

2015 Meetings

December 15, 2015   Agenda   Agenda Summary  Minutes

November 18th, 2015:   Council Joint WS Agenda

November 17th, 2015:     Agenda    WS Agenda  Minutes

October 27th, 2015:   Meeting    Summary   Minutes

September 22nd, 2015     Meeting     Summary   Minutes

September 14th, 2015:  Special Meeting    Special Summary    Minutes

August 25th, 2015:                             Minutes

July 28th, 2015  Meeting

July 6th, 2015:  Special Meeting    Minutes

April 30, 2015: Notice

April 28, 2015: Meeting    Minutes

March 3, 2015: Balloon Regatta

March 24,2014 Meeting Summary  Minutes

February 25,2014: Meeting Summary Minutes

February 24: Meeting Summary Minutes

January 6, 2015: Working Session


2014 Meetings

December 15, 2014: Meeting Summary Minutes

October 20, 2014: Working Session

September 23, 2014: Meeting Summary

August 26, 2014: Meeting Summary

July 8,2014: Working Session

June 24,2014: Summary Minutes

May 27, 2014: Meeting Summary Minutes

April 22, 2014: Meeting Summary

April 2, 2014 (Special Meeting): Summary Minutes