The City of Page is actively seeking new opportunities to be a proactive player in obtaining new revenues, better services, and a higher standard of living for its citizens. The City of Page has a true, aggressive blueprint for economic development that can be used to attract industry and manufacturing to the City.

Available Land: The City of Page owns seventeen (17) square miles of land available for immediate development. City staff provides "one stop shopping" and assists potential buyers/developers from concept to completion of projects.

  • No Municipal Property Tax
  • No Impact/Development Fee's
  • Lowest Electrical Rates in the State of Arizona
  • Low Water and Sewer Rates
  • Affordable and Available Land for Development
  • "One Stop Shopping" assistance from concept to completion of project
  • Public/Private Partnerships welcomed
  • See How 3,000,000 visitors can help grow your business

Interested in reviewing available land? Want to discuss development, relocation or expansion to the Page area? Contact Community Development Director at 928-645-4261 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For other inquiries, including tourism, filming, etc., CLICK HERE

  • Major Private Employers in the City of Page Open or Close

    Navajo Generating Station/Salt River Project
    Yamamoto Custom Baits
    Page Steel
    Page Hospital

  • Major Public Employers in the City of Page Open or Close

    National Park Service
    Page Unified School District
    City of Page
    Coconino Community College
    Bureau of Reclamation

  • Scenic Attractions Open or Close

    Lake Powell is the center of recreational opportunities for the City of Page. The lake has 1960 miles of shoreline which is longer than the entire West Coast of the continental United States. There are 96 major canyons to explore as well as the Rainbow Bridge National Monument that can be explored via watercraft.

    Located in the center of "Canyon Country," Page is just a short drive away from the North or South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks, Monument Valley, and Canyon De Chelley.

    Annual events include golf tournaments on Lake Powell National Golf Course, bass fishing tournaments, rodeos, Native American dance performances and pow wows, art shows and our annual Balloon Regatta.

  • Population Open or Close
    Page * 6,598 6,809
    Coconino County 96,591 116,320
    Arizona 3,665,228 5,130,632
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau    
    *Local sources estimate the Trade Area Population to be 40,000.    
  • Page Labor Force Open or Close
    Civilian Labor Force 3,432 3,259
    Unemployed 205 233
    Unemployment Rate 6% 7.2
    Source: U.S. Census Bureau
  • Growth Indicators Open or Close
    New Building Permits * 101 178 282 304
    Net Assessed Valuation ($) 22,966,042 40,983,067 44,044,346 57,682,942
    *Arizona Business, Arizona State University
  • Taxes Open or Close
    Property Tax Rate1990199819992000
    Elementary/High School 5.45 5.14 4.53 4.95
    City/Fire District 0.93 0.71 0.77 0.77
    County 2.03 1.50 1.73 1.73
    Hospital District       0.92
    Library District       0.19
    Total: 8.50 7.35 7.03 8.55
    Note: Property tax in Arizona is based on assessed valuation which is 10 percent of market value for residential property. Average tax rate on homes in Arizona before exceptions and rebates is 1.3% of market value.


    Sales Tax Rates2000
    City 3.00%
    County 0.80%
    State 5.00%
    Source: Arizona Tax Research Foundation.
  • Community Facilities Open or Close

    A broad range of community facilities are located in the City of Page. These include two museums, a senior citizen center, a library, a recreation center, a visitor center, a swimming pool, one golf course, three parks, six lighted tennis courts, and several football, softball and baseball fields.

    Communication. Page has one weekly newspaper, the Lake Powell Chronicle, and a local radio station. Television channels from Phoenix, cable by satellite, and cellular telephone service are available.

    Education. Two pre-schools, two public elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school serve the citizens of Page. School enrollment is more than 3,000 students. Coconino Community College is an accredited two-year college. Vocational training is available from the Lake Powell Institute and at the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation.

    Medical Facilities. Medical facilities include an accredited hospital, medical and dental offices, and various adjunct medical services. Medical specialists comes from other cities on rotation to serve the citizens of Page. Lifeline helicopter service is also available.

    Financial Institutions. There are six financial institutions with branch offices in Page. Further, Coconino County businesses are eligible for assistance in financing fixed assets through the Finance Division of the Arizona Department of Commerce. Information of private activity bonds within the County may be obtained from the same source or from the Industrial Development Authority of Coconino County, 123 North Leroux, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 or from the City of Page Industrial Development Authority.

    Government. The City of Page follows a Council-Manager form of government. Legislative policy is set by the elected Councilors and administered by the City Manager who is appointed by the City Council. The City Council consists of a Mayor who serves a two-year term and six Councilors who serve staggered four-year terms. The Mayor and Councilors are elected at-large (City-wide). The Council elects one of the six members to serve as the Vice Mayor and to act in the Mayor's absence. The City Council operates in compliance with the Arizona Revised Statutes, the City of Page Municipal Code, and Robert's Rules of Order of Modified Parliamentary Rules.

    Airport. The Page Municipal Airport has a lighted 5,500-foot paved runway and offers flights to and from Phoenix and Denver. Charter service and tours are also available.

    Industrial Properties. Page has one industrial park (102 acres) with all utilities and highway access. For information, contact the City of Page.

    Lodging and Meeting Facilities. There are twenty-five motels with more than 1,500 units and seven meeting facilities with the largest of these facilities seating approximately 400 people. There are also several RV parks and campgrounds with complete hookups.


    Cable Television
    Cable One
    (928) 645-2132

    Page Electric Utility
    (928) 645-2419

    Alliant Gas
    (928) 645-2391

    Qwest Communications
    (928) 779-4940

    Waste Disposal
    Allied Waste
    (928) 645-3885

    Page Utility
    City of Page
    (928) 645-2419

  • Weather Open or Close

    Weather: Weather in the City of Page is temperate with an average yearly maximum temperature of 71.8 degrees and an average yearly minimum temperature of 47.2 degrees. The hottest month is July with a daily average maximum temperature of 97 degrees and the coldest months are December and January with daily maximum temperatures averaging 45 degrees. Average yearly total precipitation is 4.79 inches.

    Average Temperatures (Degrees Fahrenheit)
    MonthDaily Max.Daily Min.Avg. Percip.
    January 45.0 24.0 0.16 Inches
    February 53.0 31.0 0.30 Inches
    March 61.0 36.0 0.37 Inches
    April 72.0 46.0 0.36 Inches
    May 82.0 53.0 0.51 Inches
    June 90.0 62.0 0.13 Inches
    July 97.0 71.0 0.24 Inches
    August 94.0 69.0 0.79 Inches
    September 88.0 61.0 0.72 Inches
    October 77.0 50.0 0.33 Inches
    November 59.0 38.0 0.34 Inches
    December 45.0 25.0 0.53 Inches
    Yearly Avg. 71.9 47.2 4.78 Inches