Directory of Regulatory Documents

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City of Page Directory of Regulatory Documents

This Directory is to serve as a summary of the current applicable ordinances, code and substantive policy statements for those Licenses, Permits, Certificates or other Similar Forms or Permission required by law as it relates to a “Directory of Documents” required by ARS 9-837 (established by SB 1598), also known as the Regulatory Bill of Rights. This list is meant to be as broad as possible and may include areas outside regulations specifically dictated by the Legislation. Documents not available online are available as a hard copy for public inspection only at the City of Page City Clerk’s Office, located at 697 Vista Avenue, Page, Arizona

City Code

Planning and Zoning Ordinance  

Information Request Form  

Building Permit Application 

                Planning and Zoning Department General Application

                City of Page Business Registration Application           

Building Codes

City of Page Tax Code




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